What If Organizing Your Life Was Fun?

If you are...

  • a creative female entrepreneur launching her new business
  • a crafty mom whose kids are out of the house and wondering, "what next?"
  • an intuitive soul looking to come up with a plan for a next chapter of life filled with joy and purpose

...then you already know that you need to get organized. But planning out your life can seem overwhelming, time-consuming or constraining. Can't you just jump to the good part--living your meaningful life?

I understand!

I am an intuitive soul who NEVER used to plan her week. I eventually turned to planning because all my creative energies needed some structure to give my dream life form.

But I wasn't willing to compromise and become a total planning fiend. Out of necessity, I combined multiple planning systems into one that worked for me and blended it with astrology. Whoa! That's different!

Now I have an intuitive planning system that flexes with me, and I love it and the results it brings. As a life coach and astrologer, I know that it is the first step to manifesting one's higher purpose, and I want to give this gift to you as well.

Why? My passion is helping people design and manifest a life in sync with their higher purpose, and this planning system opens the door to your joyful and fulfilling future.

Introducing the

Soulful Living Planner

A printable, astrology-based weekly and monthly planner to help you align with your higher self and the natural rhythms of the universe

The planner is released every quarter, to help you get organized to create your next joyful and meaningful life chapter grounded in your soul's purpose

Get organized

and gain traction with

  • a fun and easy-to-use planning methodology
  • insightful self-reflection questions and journal pages to help you reconnect to your spirit
  • and do-it-yourself astrology tools that allow you to plan in rhythm with natural cycles

Never used astrology before? No worries.

You get to pick and choose which parts of astrology you want to use. Start simple with new and full moons! Or focus on the sun sign each month.

Plus, I provide you fool-proof tools and self-reflection questions to guide you in using the astrology at your own pace.

Sounds fun and different, right?

After 90 Days of Using this Planner

You will have:

  • Created a sacred ritual of weekly planning that feeds your soul
  • Discovered insight into your unique life purpose or "soul mission" using astrology
  • Crystallized your life focus for this year, this quarter, this month, and this week
  • Planned your life according to the energetic cycles of the day, month, and year
  • Identified your top 3 priorities every month
  • Developed a monthly self-care plan
  • Organized your life around the priorities that move you forward toward your dream next chapter

Sound like a lot for 90 days? Don't worry. You'll have access to a year's worth of quarterly planners, so you can take your time if you'd like to move at your own pace.

What Suzanne's Coaching Client's Have to Say...

"Suzanne was able to challenge my thinking and raise my self and spiritual awareness to help me better identify what I want and, more importantly, what I need."

Jen Shirkani
Speaker & Author of Ego vs. EQ: How Top Leaders Beat 8 Ego Traps With Emotional Intelligence

"Suzanne's unique and empowering approach to coaching is one of the reasons I've reinstated goals and dreams back into my life. With her knowledge, skills and genuinely caring support, I've accomplished more than I was ever able to do on my own!"

Ella Darlene Elkins
Artistic Photographer, Photographs for the Soul

"Suzanne is a knowledgeable and inspirational coach who cares deeply about her clients. She has worked with me to see things more clearly, to set my intentions accordingly and achieve my aspirations."

Marilyn B.
Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

The Soulful Living Planner

-A $150 Value-

What's Included When You Purchase This Specialized Planner:

  • Soulful Planning System - A-Z Guide
  • 4 Quarterly Astrology-Based Printable Planners
    • released every 3 months
    • to match the seasons and
    • give you a fresh energetic start, including:
  • Monthly Focus Pages to Outline
    • Your soul mission
    • Your quarterly focus
    • Your monthly focus
    • Your top 3 monthly priorities
    • Self-care routine, plus an
    • Astrology summary for the month
  • Monthly Master To-Do Lists
    • to organize the chaos in your head into one manageable place
    • to inspire your weekly planning and
    • make sure nothing gets forgotten
  • Weekly Planning Pages
  • Self-Reflection Questions
  • Journal Pages
  • Harnessing Astrology to Plan Your Soul-Aligned Life Guide
  • Your Soul Mission Mini-Guide
  • Monthly Calendars w/All Major Astrology Events
    • All moon phases, including new and full moons
    • Void moons
    • Moon sign changes
    • Planet sign changes
    • Retrogrades
    • Eclipses
    • Major planetary aspects
    • Astrology legend
  • Exact Times for All Major Astrological Events in Five Time Zones to Help You Plan:
    • U.S./Canada (ET, CT, & PT)
    • United Kingdom (GMT)
    • Australia (AET)

Plus These Bonuses...

-A $100 Value-

  •  2021 Digital Planner for Google, Outlook, and Apple calendars
  • Access to the Q&A Video Library for 12 Months to Address Key Planning & Astrology Questions
  • 2021 Complete Year of Astrology Events (for Australia, U.S./Canada, & UK time zones)
  • Access to previous quarters' planners for reference to past astrology events
  • 8 on-boarding emails during the first two weeks of your planner purchase to help you get going
  • Monthly emails to help you harness that month's sun-sign energy
  • Special members-only pricing for coaching sessions

For a Total Value of


Actual Cost to You:


(or 4 monthly payments of $15)

Buy My Planner

You've Tried to Get Organized Before


You've bought planners before, but they are gathering dust.

You've tried to get your home or office space tidied so you can think, plan, and dream.

Maybe you've even bought self-help books or talked to friends to help you figure out who you want to be in this new phase of life and what you want next.

But these have been left half-done, and you're feeling stuck, foggy-headed, or disappointed in yourself.

You feel unclear about what direction to go next, how to pull it all together, and what it's going to take to get to the dream life your soul craves in this new phase of life.

You know you have talents and gifts to give the world, but you don't know how to leverage them or you lack the self-confidence or the organized plan to step into them.

What if you fail?

This time will be different.

With the Soulful Living Planner, you will receive not just a planner, but a whole planning system that teaches you how to get organized while giving you flexibility to plan in a way that works for you.

You are also going to have my virtual support via two weeks' worth of onboarding emails, monthly question & answer videos, and monthly motivational emails.

If you'd like personalized support setting up or using your planner--or designing your next joyful chapter--you can book a coaching session with me at a reduced rate!

Let's do this together!

Because there's nothing better than starting the week feeling organized and living a life that fills you with joy!

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is this planner a physical product that will be mailed to me?

No, this is not a physical product. It is an Adobe PDF document that you will download to your personal computer, save and print. You can bind it with a stapler, with a binder clip, or in a three-ring binder. We may offer a physical (hard-copy) planner in the future. Stay tuned!

Question: Is this a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly planner?

This planner has dated planning pages for every week and month in the quarter. There are no daily pages included; your day is intended to be planned on the weekly planning pages. There is no year-at-a-glance option at this time. You will receive a new quarterly planner every 90 days, for a total of four planners (equaling a total of one full year of planning resources, starting at the time of your purchase).

Question: Is this planner for the full year ahead?

When you purchase the Soulful Living Planner, you will be given immediate access to the current quarter's planner. Every three months (January, April, July, and October), a new quarterly planner is released for a fresh energetic start for the next season. You will receive access to 12 months' worth of planning tools, beginning on the day of your purchase.

Question: Will this product auto-renew when I'm done with my four quarterly planners?

No. If you enjoy using the planner, simply purchase the planner again when you run out and you will be given access to another 4 quarterly planners throughout the coming year. We will send out quarterly email reminders when the next planner is available. If you miss the launch period, as a continuing customer you can email us  ([email protected]) for access to the next set of planners at any time.

Question: Can I use this planner with other planning systems?

This planning system can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with another planning system. For example, you can use it to guide how you plan in your existing planning system, or if you have an electronic calendar, this can be a good paper supplement.

Question: What is astrology?

Astrology is a system handed down to us from our ancestors who studied the night sky and who noticed patterns between the planets/stars and human behavior: as above, so below.

Question: How can astrology be used to help me plan my life?

Astrology informs us of energetic cycles, much like a cosmic weather report, that affect us here on earth. Although many factors will go into your life planning, astrology is an additional, helpful tool you can use to plan important events and down time in sync with the rhythm of your natural environment.

Question: Can I use this planner if I don't know anything about astrology?

Yes, absolutely. This planner has been designed so you can pick and choose whether and how to use the astrology. In addition, if you'd like to use astrology but are new to it, this planning system includes do-it-yourself astrology techniques and tools so you can learn to use astrology at your own pace.

Question: How much time should I expect to spend in the planning process each week?

Depending on personality style, some people plan faster or take more time than others (are you an Aries or a Taurus?!) A reasonable estimate for your routine planning time is 30-60 minutes, one day a week. We also encourage you to spend an hour the last week of every month, getting ready for the next month, as well as an hour when you first receive your quarterly planner to print it, organize it, and complete your quarterly focus page.

Question: How much does the planner cost?

There are two payment options for the planner. There is a full-pay option of $144, or if it better suits your budget, you can make three monthly payments of $48 each. We will automatically bill your credit card for the monthly payments.

Question: What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. If you would like to see a sample of the product before you buy it, scroll down and enter your information into the Request a Sample form at the end of these FAQs.

Buy My Planner

Is It Finally Time to Care for You?

You deserve to have a life you love. But you can't get there if you don't take the time to consciously plan your daily and weekly routine.

Don't let the gremlins of distraction, self-forgetting, or fear of stepping out into the world hold you prisoner to a so-so life. You deserve joy, and you deserve to live in alignment with your soul's big dreams.

Once you have your planner set up and are in the flow, you will only need 30-60 minutes a week to plan!!! And this is a risk-free offer with a 14-day return policy.

Click the "Get My Planner" button if you are ready to:

  • Make real progress on building your next joyful chapter through daily actions laid out in your well-organized weekly schedule, and give perfectionism the boot.
  • Enjoy more inner peace because all your to-do items are out of your head and scheduled on your calendar.
  • Reconnect to your higher self and your purpose in this next phase of life, using astrology tools, self-reflection questions, and journal pages as a portal.
  • Get the projects that matter most to you done using monthly focus pages that align with your higher purpose and sync up with your natural rhythms.
  • Have fun managing your life, rather than stressing out, because you have a sacred weekly planning ritual that brings you joy and ensures you design your life consciously!
  • Integrate your own brand of spirituality into daily living with this practical, customizable set of tools.
  • Love the you that you see in the mirror, because you are taking control of your future and finally valuing you.

Full-Pay Option


Pay in full now and you will receive a $22 discount.


Three Monthly Payments


Make 3 monthly payments of $48 to spread costs out over time.


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